With more than 28 years in the computer industry, the last 20 years specialising in THEOS multi-user operating system, KD Business Software can provide the right service and advice to keep your business functioning properly. Based on the unique THEOS Operating System, we have developed our ADVANCE ASSET software suite to suit businesses such as motor cycle shops, machinery sales/service industry, rental businesses and similar.

Advance Asset software is a fully integrated suite of programs that has been developed and refined over many years, to fulfill the needs of a large multi-division equipment/machinery company.

Advance Asset is a true multi-user, multi-tasking, fully integrated suite of programs.

Combining a fully integrated suite of programs that include:-

  • Spare Parts & Accessories Sales/Ordering and Inventory Control, Point of Sale
  • Vehicle/Machine Sales and Inventory Control, 
  • Workshop and Service with Labour Control, 
  • Rental/Hire, 
  • General Ledger & Financials, 
  • Accounts Payable (Creditors), 
  • Accounts Receivable (Debtors), 
  • Depreciation Schedule, 
  • Payroll/Wages, 
  • Banking,
  • GST.

Advance Asset is a powerful business tool that can greatly increase the profitability and productivity of any enterprise covering some or all of these important areas of business.