KD Business Software was founded by Kevin Day in response to a need for a supplier of quality business software, and a passion for developing the software suite known as ADVANCE ASSET.

At the heart of KD Business Software is a highly dedicated and professional team of software and hardware experts with over 28 years computing and business experience. The combination of hands on experience in business, and expert knowledge in computer hardware/software construction and maintenance, makes KD Business Software a natural choice for providing efficient, reliable products and support.

KD Business Software is built around a dedication to providing quality service and support to all its customers. The reassurance of knowing that there is always service available when the need arises, is crucial for business owners who may be contemplating the purchase of software products with the inbuilt power and capacity of Advance Asset.   KD Business Software guarantees that service.

KD Business Software can provide users with all the training, support and after sales service demanded by today’s business community.


Advance Asset software is a fully integrated suite of programs that have been developed and refined over many years, to fulfil the needs of multi-division vehicle/machinery companies.

Advance Asset is a true multi-user, multi-tasking, fully integrated suite of programs. Combining a completely integrated suite of programs from Spare Parts & Inventory Point of Sales, Machinery/Vehicle Sales, Workshop & Service, Equipment Rental/Hire, General Ledger & Financials, Accounts Payable (Creditors), Accounts Receivable (Debtors), Depreciation Schedule, Payroll and Banking, Advance Asset is a powerful business tool that can greatly increase the profitability and productivity of any business covering some or all of these important areas of business.

Integration is the key to the success of Advance Asset. Throughout the entire Advance Asset package, every module is related to all other modules. Integration means that there is no longer time consuming, money wasting duplication of events and processes that can cause such dramatic reductions in productivity.

From its earliest beginnings Advance Asset was designed to reduce the multiple handling of paperwork that can bog down other systems. If an order is raised within the system, every other department that is concerned with any aspect of the order is updated. Accounts Payable knows that there is an amount that will have to be paid when the goods arrive, the Stock system is aware of outstanding orders, and so on. Of course Advance Asset is fully GST compliant and has a sophisticated reporting facility making BAS completion a snap.

An important aspect of the Advance Asset program is the operating system that it is developed on. Most computer users would be familiar with the Microsoft Windows operating systems and the vulnerability to outside influences such as viruses and the like. Advance Asset is developed on the THEOS operating system. THEOS is American, offering true multi-user, multitasking capability on a secure, virus free environment. THEOS allows for up to 254 users to be attached to a single file server with ease.

Multi-user means that many different users can be accessing data and using the program at the same time.  THEOS also allows multi-sessioning, which enables each terminal to display up to eight separate user screens, allowing for a single operator to be invoicing on one session while inquiring into a part on another session, while displaying a customer’s details on another session, while receiving parts on another session, etc. No longer do users have to exit one area of the program to inquire into some other area. Multi-sessioning creates increases in productivity.

With the data security and multi-user benefits from THEOS, and the integration and ease of use of the Advance Asset program, businesses can rest assured that their investment with  a KD Business Software product is very prudent and will pay dividends in cost effectiveness and increased productivity.